Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Industry experts suggest that Baidu reflect both CTO and COO Departure

January 19 evening news, Baidu chief operating officer and chief technology officer Ye Li Peng, a man leaving the service within ten days, industry experts agree that Bo and Xie Wen, Baidu had over-hasty introduction of executives when the judge is wrong, they suggested Baidu should reflect the introduction of mechanisms for their executives.

Two key executives within ten days of departure

January 18 at 15:30 pm, in the media several hours later, Baidu's external issued a brief statement, announced that its Chief Technology Officer Lee and a man "for personal reasons," leaving. It is reported that a man after Lee, CTO will become CEO, he will become infinite News Church Corporation (China Mobile 12,580 exclusive partner) of CEO.

Lee left a man, 16 months ago as he joined Baidu from Huawei, as it was when the industry raised a storm. Lift the outside world began to wonder what was the altar of the "technical genius" Why leave Baidu.

In addition to Lee and a man who's "technical genius" ring, the outside world to maintain this high since the departure of executives concerned about the other reason is that this is Baidu occurred within ten days of the second core of executives leave. January 8, Baidu announced that chief operating officer in charge of sales leaves friends leave.

Industry experts suggest that Baidu executives reflect on the introduction of mechanisms



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